RNG Classics offer an enviable collection of timeless and iconic classic vehicles for SELF-DRIVE.


Containing British racing heritage, beguiling design and pedigree. Italian star quality, class and flair and a sprinkling of American muscle and power!

The first time I met Rob of RNG Classics was the same day I worked with Louis Nicolas-Darbon. They needed a modern classic bike to go alongside the two cars they had chosen that day, Magnum P.I’s favourite ride, the 1984 Ferrari 308 GTSi, and a Porsche 356.


We met at Richmond Park at 07:00 on a glorious Friday morning during the height of the summer heat! We were fortunate enough that we had access to a section of road in the park that had been closed off to everyone else (except cyclists). With the Porsche 356 acting as the pace car, Louis jumped in the Ferrari, I hopped on my Ducati and off we went.

The deer chilling by the side of the road didn’t seem fussed by the roar of the 3-engines, but the cyclists, well that’s an altogether different story. From the look on their faces and hand gestures, I don’t think they liked the fact that their morning ride was being interrupted by two Italian beauties and a German masterpiece. I heard the occasional swearword but most of their words didn’t make it through the noise of my Zard slip-on exhaust or as I like to refer to it, my side cannon.


Since this shoot, I’ve done a few other bits and pieces with Louis and Rob, most notably a few snaps with one of the latest additions to the RNG Classics fleet, an AC Cobra with a 4 litre V8 lump which has enough torque to rip up the tarmac!

Thank you RNG Classics for such a wonderful day. Their fleet is typically hired for weddings, private dining, sightseeing, milestone birthdays. They can also make the whole collection available for events, promo, music videos and TV location shoots across the UK.